Emerging Artist

Emerging Artist: Emily Robards

One of my favorite things to do is to occasionally go onto Booooooom and look through the artists who submit work each month in the comments section. I scroll for a very long time looking for someone who has amazing work and is overlooked. This month I was browsing through and saw these amazing found photography works with text. I started reading the text and was mesmerized by the power of the phrases and statements juxtaposed with vintage photography.

The artist who constructs these intriguing works is, Emily Robards. She is a young artist living in Ireland. She works in many medias that include, photography, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, and video. I’ve found these poetic photographic imagery and text the most compelling of her work. It really grabs you from the deepest part of your psyche and of others. This collection of work she lists on her website under poetry of which these texts very much align with poetry.

The particular works I am featuring are from the 1st collection of poems. Some of the poems give off an melancholic quality, “she had had nothing to show from her time Long after she had left her home had remained barren”, shown with an image of a woman; while others are whimsical, “inside her tiny lights and mirrors created a limitless, starry universe.” paired with a young child of which is often a representation of naiveté and imagination. The photo booth setting allows for the viewer to connect with the subject in the image more intimately, it’s almost as if you are hearing their secrets, a private moment of which you may not normally get to experience, which is similar in the film Amelie. Amelie collects photo booth images of people who have left them behind, the photos reveal people in their true selves, either happy, sad, angry, or silly, moments and personality traits people would normally shield from society for fear of humiliation.

Along with the in depth messages, the vintage photography itself is a found attributes to the work along with the poems themselves of which look found and altered to create a new narrative. The image and the poems work together to create the personalities and little glimpses of the lives the artist has recreated for them. We do not know who these people really are, but by connecting their image with a poem pertaining to a life experience brings back the humanity to the unknown people of the past.

To see more of Emily Robards work, visit her website and Tumblr!



Art History Lesson

Art History Lesson: Lee Krasner

5230bThere has been a lot of press lately about the 2012 Biography released about Lee Krasner, so I have decided to write todays Art History Lesson post about her. Many people know Krasner as the wife of Jackson Pollock, some even say she lived in his shadow; that may have well been, but it did not stop her from gaining success as a painter, she was famous in her own right and her influence still lives on today in many ways different yet similar to Pollock’s. Lee Krasner was born AAA_polljack_6316October 27th, 1908 in Brooklyn, NY, she studied at Copper Union and National Academy of Design. Krasner painted in the Abtsract-Expressionist style. Like Pollock, Krasner was a praised and prominent artist in the Abstract-Expressionist movement. Her works have multiples layers of paint, sometimes chunky with swift movements. Some paintings appear more geometric while others exhibit more free-spirited approaches. Her colors range from high chroma pinks, reds, greens and blues, to muted black and white with splashes of grayed purples, blues, and yellows. Krasner’s paintings often mimic textiles which have influenced fashion designers for example, designer Erdem Mordalioglu in his Resort 2013 collection has created textiles and prints inspired by Krasner’s work. Although Krasner lived a tough life married to Pollock as his constant support and caretaker, she still continued to create her own work and become a successful influential artist of her time. Krasner’s work can be seen in major museum collections such as the MoMA (whom also displayed her work in a retrospective exhibit), MET, Guild Hall Museum, Philadelphia Museum of Art, National Museum of Women in the Arts, and many more. The Pollock-Krasner Foundation was established in 1985, they offer grants to working artists who are experiencing financial hardships.

You can purchase the Biography here, http://www.amazon.com/Lee-Krasner-Biography-Gail-Levin/dp/0061845272

To see more of Erdem Moralioglu designs visit his website, http://www.erdem.com/ The designs inspired by Krasner are in the Archive section under Pre-Spring 2013.