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Emerging Artist and Art In the News: Nichole Speciale and Widening the Cycle Exhibition

So in light of an exhibition my work is going to be in, I wanted to feature one of the artists who is also in the show with me. I love Nichole Speciale’s work she has in the show. The exhibition we are in is called, Widening the Cycle which will be taking place June 2-4 at Suffolk University in Boston, MA. This exhibit is about bringing justice to women’s reproductive and menstrual cycle. Nichole’s work are these beautifully embroidered fetuses. The delicate stitching and imagery is what attracted me to her work tilted, The Lost Ones. I love how she interpreted the theme for the show and I have featured her artist statement below because I cannot explain this work better than her!

“The Lost Ones is a group of 9 small hoops embroidered with white embroidery thread dyed with menstrual blood. The project seeks to bring attention to the gendered practice of embroidery and the shaming of the female body. Thread has for many decades has been associated with feminine home craft, and has often been disregarded as a legitimate art making medium. In its simplest interpretation, thread is a continuous line. Thread like the womb is absorptive; it reflects its environment. It creates new forms from its own tissue. The Lost Ones connects the womb to this gendered material, allowing the thread to act as a conduit for the womb’s unused material. The project, on a more social level, works to expose the artist’s own female body, revealing an otherwise obscured material that is lessened to that of excrement, even though it is a material responsible for creation of life. The depicted fetus shapes serve as reminders for the potential held in the menses.”

Along with this work, the rest of Nichole’s portfolio also includes the theme of embroidery, she uses the traditional technique and transforms it into an innovating way to create new and stimulating visuals.

A little background on Nichole, she received her MFA in Visual Art from University of California, San Diego in 2014 and holds BA’s in both Studio Art and Art History from Brandeis University in Waltham, MA. She was born in Boston, MA and currently lives and works in Southern California.

To see more of Nichole’s stunning work visit her website:

For more information on the show Widening the Cycle, please visit the website:

Thank you Jen Lewis for making this show possible and all of your hard work! We are so fortunate to have an amazing curator like you!

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Art In The News: David Bowie Is

Aladdin-Sane-slideComing up in September is the opening of the exhibition, David Bowie Is at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago. The exhibition is a retrospective on the career of musician David Bowie which features costumes, photography, set design, album artwork, rare performance footage, and handwritten lyrics. This show is one I have personally been waiting for and will most likely take a trip back up to sweet home Chicago for!

If you are a Bowie fan or not or have not even heard of him, it does not matter. The amount of items in the archive are intriguing and catalogue not only the life of a musician, but a man who was much more, oly1.56670imagehe was an artist. Bowie is a very visually stimulating person with fabulous innovative costumes, sets, and performances.

This exhibition was organized by the Victoria and Albert Museum and is currently on an international tour. The stop in Chicago is the only showing in the United States, so if you want to see it, you must go now!

Exhibition lasts from September 23,2014 – January 4th, 2015.

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Art in The News: Mark Ryden’s The Gay 90’s West at New Kohn Gallery Location

Kohn Gallery Grand Opening And Inaugural Exhibition: Mark Ryden: Gay Nineties West
Kohn Gallery Grand Opening And Inaugural Exhibition: Mark Ryden: Gay Nineties West (Photo from Huffington Post)

Saturday May 3rd was the Public Opening of Mark Ryden’s The Gay 90’s West collection at the new Kohn Gallery location in Hollywood,CA. This show features new work by Ryden that includes portraits of a ballerina, Katy Perry, Sculptures, and of course lots of meat! There are also familiar paintings from Ryden’s previous Gay 90’s collection, The Tree Show, and Wondertoonel on display.


The new work does not disappoint and Ryden continues to bring his doll-like figures inside these fantastical scenes with references to his famous curiosities of Jesus, Abraham Lincoln, meat, and the human eye. The paintings are rich with color and plenty of narrative for the viewer to interpret. My personal two favorites of the new collection is Meat Dancer because of my own obsession and past training in ballet and Medium Yams, due to the reference of the famous Rococo painting, Madame de Pompadour by Francois Boucher.

I highly recommend anyone living or traveling to Los Angeles area to visit the gallery and take a look around. The work is breathtaking, I wish I lived in L.A. so I could experience the work in person!

Here is the address times and length of the exhibition, for more information visit, and

Kohn Gallery

1227 North Highland Ave.
Hollywood, CA 90038


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Art In The News: Robert Indiana and Warhol

One of my favorite news sources is NPR, I frequent it about every other day looking for new articles in the Art section. Today they posted an article about Robert Indiana, who was famous for the block-letter painting LOVE (1966). I always thought of him as a celebrated famous artists for everything he had done and the LOVE painting was just his most popular work, but after reading this article I have been informed that it was the opposite. The painting had become so popular it took attention away from his other work, Indiana stated he felt ignored by the art world afterwards. It sounds like a one hit wonder thing, but it really in a way is not because his other work is fantastic. I encourage everyone to read this article and Indiana’s take on his career and the art world, it was very eye opening for myself because as an artist fame is the goal, but not only for one work. Of course we cannot control how people are going to react, maybe it could be leaving more control in our own hands and not allowing others to dictate our every move. All I have to say is trust your instinct, it’s an age old idea, but it’s 99% effective.

Due to the fact that I live in Florida, I have to report on this news. I was reading the entertainment insert magazine for the Tampa area in the newspaper the other day and came across this great exhibit coming to The Dali museum this January. The exhibit is a collection of Andy Warhol’s work with the show titled, Warhol: Art, Fame, Mortality. The Museum states about the show,

““Warhol: Art. Fame. Mortality.” explores how Warhol learned from Dalí’s public visibility and was equally attuned to the images derived from mass culture.“Warhol: Art. Fame. Mortality.” considers Warhol’s little commented on engagement with other artists through his own painting, how he constructed an approach to the image in terms of celebrity and fame, and finally his treatment of painting and image in terms of human mortality.”

This is the second time the St.Petersburg area has had this large of a collection of Warhol’s work shown. The last exhibit was at the St.Petersburg Museum of Fine Art in 2009, Andy Warhol Portfolios: Life and Legends. I was able to attend the exhibition and it was magnificent, Warhol shows have yet to disappoint me. Also, at the show was when I learned Warhol used black glitter in his work, that just made me do a happy dance in my head because I love glitter, therefore making Warhol even more of a favorite.

The Exhibit is open from January 18th – April 27th