Emerging Artist

Emerging Artist: Amalia Russiello (Madame Dabi)

Our latest Emerging Artist feature is on Amalia Russiello (Madame Dabi). I first saw her work on my Instagram search feed and instantly was captivated by her whimsical illustrations.

Amalia is an artist from Naples, Italy. She works in ink, soft pastels, and oils.Her focus is on creating work inspired by the 1920’s, 1930’s, the Baroque era, and Rococo era.

The illustrations feature glamorous women in classic boudoir scenes. Some of the women dawn 1920’s bob hairstyles, while others resemble Marie Antoinette with decorated pompadours and full gowns. Each figure is effortless not just in their pose, but through Amalia’s ink strokes and colors.

Amalia captures the absolute beauty of women in high fashion society. As I’ve stated before, the images are whimsical, fairytale-like. The women create the viewer to feel envy of their cheeky sex appeal in their dress, mannerisms, and expressions through their rosey-lipped pouts.

You can view Amalia’s portfolio on her website, www.madamedabi.com  and purchase original illustrations by Amalia through her Etsy Store, Madame Dabi.

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