2 thoughts on “Art History Lesson: Kurt Cobain the Visual Artist

  1. Hi! I’m obsessed with the Madonna figurine and Birth Announcement Dolls…but I can’t find any other confirmation online that this is Kurt Cobain’s artwork…where did you get this info? Thanks!

    1. It was from a Nirvana fan site, it’s a reputable one, it’s been active for over 10 years, so the person in charge has collected quite a few images and info. I was excited to see this work because it’s so telling. It’s most likely been long lost after he passed away, who knows, it may even be in someone else’s possession that knew him. http://www.livenirvana.com/art/collages.php Also, if you have not seen Montage of Heck, you should, the director really utilized Kurt’s art and recordings beautifully. I wish there would have been more, but I think I remember in an interview the director said he was under a specific time allowance that the film could run. To me I don’t care how long a Doc is, if it’s captivating and informative, then I’ll sit there for hours. Take Care! 🙂

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